What Do You Know About Copper Sinks?

The reddish-brownish color of copper is so dashing, appealing and different from the regular stainless steel sinks that we have to become used to. But are good looks all that there is to sinks made of copper? Apparently not.

As I discussed with my online audience about copper sinks, I was able to gather a lot of information about these beauties. In this short post, I am going to share with you some information about the copper sinks, and perhaps, you will want to get one for your own home.

Because of the authenticity of copper, such a sink is going to be a compliment, rather than a contrast to any kitchen décor.

High quality copper sinks last a long time

Simple kitchen picture

That is right, but if you buy a low quality copper sink, it will not last a long time. The good thing is that there is a way to know whether you have a high quality copper sink. Think about the gauge. Heavier gauge is much better than light gauge.

If you have a heavier gauge sink, it will withstand abuse and will last a long time. Lighter gauge sinks will last just a short time. It is better to spend more money on your sink and have it last years on end than pay a small amount and have a sink that lasts a few to several months.

Copper gauge is indicated by a number. The lower this number is, the heavier the gauge and the better the quality. So look at the numbers when you order your copper sink. The least you should think about is 16 gauge copper. If you can, get a 14-gauge copper sink. It will last even longer.

Varied styles

Just like their stainless steel counterparts, the copper sinks also come in different styles. There are single bowls, double bowls and triple bowl copper sinks. Of course, your needs and the size of your kitchen determine just how many bowls you choose.

Double and triple bowl sinks are good when you would like to separate your dishes. For example, some fragile utensils such as glass, ceramic and others can be washed in one bowl. If you need more space when cleaning your dishes, the single bowl sink would be better for you.

The installation enhances the beauty of the sink

Drop in design at home

How you install the sink matters quite a lot. Of course, considering just how beautiful this sink is, you want to bring out as much of its beauty as possible. You can install it by the drop-in style is you already had a sink hole cut out. However, if it is a fresh installation, get an apron front sink. This one leaves the entire front portion of the sink exposed, adding to the beauty in your kitchen.

Choose a good finish

Copper sinks are finished in different ways. Some are shiny and some have a brownish shade. Then there is the hammered finish, which hides dents easily. At the same time, some copper sinks have a smooth finish, which, unfortunately, shows dents and damages easily. With the passage of time, you will see that copper changes its color, more like getting a tan. This just enhances its beauty.

Copper sinks have many benefits. They resist bacteria, they do not rust, they are durable and they retain their beauty for a long time.

A Kitchen Faucet for a Gift

I am organizing a cooking competition to be held at our center. Well, this is not our first one. For the last four years, we have been holding one. The winner takes home assorted items such as knife set, cooktop or anything that we may agree on. This time around, I am planning on giving the winner something unique, a kitchen faucet. Fancy that!

I want to have the faucet ready by the time of the competition. Thus, I am in the market looking for one. However, I am amazed at the many choices available in the market. It looks as if there is a new faucet, with a new design coming into the market everyday. I thought a faucet is just that, a faucet. However, now I know better. There are so many options now, including luxurious faucets.

Choosing the best kitchen faucets today should be a straightforward thing, but things are rarely what they seem. There are so many things to consider when buying something. Faucets are not all equal. Some are costlier and some are cheaper.

Some faucets look like something that you would find in a lifestyle or a home improvement magazine, and yet some are so ordinary. What I mean to say is that when you get to the market, the array of faucets available is quite mind-boggling. You do not know what to buy especially if it is your first time. In this short article, I will show you the most important considerations.

The faucet flow rate

Faucets come in different ratings for the flow. The lower the better. For example, a 1.5 gallons per minute faucet will save more water than a 2.0 gallons per minute one. The power of the spray between the two will be different, so by buying a low flow rate faucet, you will be doing yourself a big favor. However, it is better to buy a kitchen faucet that has a bigger flow rate so that you can blast dirt and grime from the utensils that you will be cleaning. Thus, you may want to buy one with 1.80GPM, rather than one with 1.50GPM.

Luxurious faucets for the kitchen or even the bathroom may come with higher flow rates. But then, this is why they are referred to as luxurious.

The height of the faucet

Sometimes, you want to use the faucet to fill a large pot. That is why the faucet should be high enough to leave enough space so that a pot can fit. You can also go for a faucet that can rotate 360 degrees, all around. Such a faucet makes work quite easy in the kitchen as you can just rotate the head away from when you need to use the sink for another function.

Other things that you may want to consider when buying a kitchen faucet include the finishing. You do not want a faucet that sustains scratches every time you hit something against it. You may also consider the price. You don’t want to pay several hundreds of dollars for a single kitchen faucet. Buy what you can afford.

After doing some search, here are two kitchen faucets that I am planning to buy without hesitation:

Kohler K596CP

Kohler K596CP

Kohler is well known in the faucets business. Year after year, they have produced consistent quality with their products. As you will see with the Kohler K595CP, it is built to last many years on end, has a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, has a high arc design that leaves enough space underneath to clean your utensils.


  • Nice finishing that complements the décor of your kitchen
  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • Covered by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Pause button is very effective


  • It is costly

Kraus KPF 1602

Kraus KPF 1602

I found this one when I was looking for copper sink reviews, as I wanted to replace a sink at home. Kraus products are well known though, so it should not come as any surprise to find that their faucets are top rated. Also note that the KPF 1602 is a premier kitchen faucet and therefore the cost is up there. However, it is one of those faucets that you install and literary forget where you bought it because it is so effective.

The faucet can stretch to a length of 8.5 inches. With a flow rate of 1.8GPM, you can also see that you have enough wash power without wasting water.


  • The finishing is rust-resistant
  • Swivel spout can turn 360 degrees
  • Looks good in any kitchen
  • Has lifetime limited warranty


  • Sprays outwards a bit getting your hands wet

Decoration Ideas

Clean and beautiful place in the house

Decorating a kitchen can be hard or easy, depending on how you look at it. At least, this is what I found out when I decided to decorate mine. It is not just a matter of what should go where, but it is more of a matter of how your kitchen makes you feel. When you hit the interior décor of the kitchen just right, you will know it.

If you feel serene when you are working in the kitchen, it is because you have decorated it in the best way possible. However, no matter how well you do it, there will always be room for improvement.

My friends always tell me that they find the décor if my kitchen outstanding and they ask me how I do it. Well, after a lot of bugging from them, I have decided to share a few helpful tips for kitchen décor. It is not hard really, and anyone can do it.

Here they are:

Create a focal point – capture the attention

Well, this is where most people with drab-looking kitchens fail. If you have a kitchen that you are not too happy about, you can prevent guests from looking all around. You just need to create a focal point and all the attention will be directed there.

There are different ways to create a focal point in the kitchen. First, you can use a striking wallpaper. You can use it to embellish the entire wall if you like. You may also hang a large painting on the wall. That way, the attention of the guests is directed to that wall.

You need a color palette for the kitchen

Eating  place in the house with formica counter

While you already have a color palette for the entire house, you need to choose one for the kitchen. Experts recommend that you do this in three ways. One, you need a bold neutral color that will be like the main color of the kitchen. Consider the color of the countertops so that you can match them as closely as possible, or so that they complement each other.

The third color can be something that no one expects to find in a kitchen. Don’t worry that other people will be surprised. That is what this color choice is supposed to do.

Embellish one kitchen wall with personal collectibles

This means taking an entire wall of the kitchen and then embellishing it with items from your own special collection. You can add framed covers of your favorite albums. Just because it is the kitchen, it does not mean that you cannot bring your personal taste of music here. You can also add a few mirrors, a couple of small baskets, a vintage or antique item, or generally, something that gives people a glimpse into what your personal taste is.

Floating shelving

Floating shelving, also referred to as open shelving can be just the thing that you need to transform the space in the kitchen. Besides, as much as it is decorative, it also gives you more storage space and any kitchen can always do with more space. If you already have cabinets, you may consider removing them and installing open shelving in their place.