Decoration Ideas

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Decorating a kitchen can be hard or easy, depending on how you look at it. At least, this is what I found out when I decided to decorate mine. It is not just a matter of what should go where, but it is more of a matter of how your kitchen makes you feel. When you hit the interior décor of the kitchen just right, you will know it.

If you feel serene when you are working in the kitchen, it is because you have decorated it in the best way possible. However, no matter how well you do it, there will always be room for improvement.

My friends always tell me that they find the décor if my kitchen outstanding and they ask me how I do it. Well, after a lot of bugging from them, I have decided to share a few helpful tips for kitchen décor. It is not hard really, and anyone can do it.

Here they are:

Create a focal point – capture the attention

Well, this is where most people with drab-looking kitchens fail. If you have a kitchen that you are not too happy about, you can prevent guests from looking all around. You just need to create a focal point and all the attention will be directed there.

There are different ways to create a focal point in the kitchen. First, you can use a striking wallpaper. You can use it to embellish the entire wall if you like. You may also hang a large painting on the wall. That way, the attention of the guests is directed to that wall.

You need a color palette for the kitchen

Eating  place in the house with formica counter

While you already have a color palette for the entire house, you need to choose one for the kitchen. Experts recommend that you do this in three ways. One, you need a bold neutral color that will be like the main color of the kitchen. Consider the color of the countertops so that you can match them as closely as possible, or so that they complement each other.

The third color can be something that no one expects to find in a kitchen. Don’t worry that other people will be surprised. That is what this color choice is supposed to do.

Embellish one kitchen wall with personal collectibles

This means taking an entire wall of the kitchen and then embellishing it with items from your own special collection. You can add framed covers of your favorite albums. Just because it is the kitchen, it does not mean that you cannot bring your personal taste of music here. You can also add a few mirrors, a couple of small baskets, a vintage or antique item, or generally, something that gives people a glimpse into what your personal taste is.

Floating shelving

Floating shelving, also referred to as open shelving can be just the thing that you need to transform the space in the kitchen. Besides, as much as it is decorative, it also gives you more storage space and any kitchen can always do with more space. If you already have cabinets, you may consider removing them and installing open shelving in their place.