What Do You Know About Copper Sinks?

The reddish-brownish color of copper is so dashing, appealing and different from the regular stainless steel sinks that we have to become used to. But are good looks all that there is to sinks made of copper? Apparently not.

As I discussed with my online audience about copper sinks, I was able to gather a lot of information about these beauties. In this short post, I am going to share with you some information about the copper sinks, and perhaps, you will want to get one for your own home.

Because of the authenticity of copper, such a sink is going to be a compliment, rather than a contrast to any kitchen décor.

High quality copper sinks last a long time

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That is right, but if you buy a low quality copper sink, it will not last a long time. The good thing is that there is a way to know whether you have a high quality copper sink. Think about the gauge. Heavier gauge is much better than light gauge.

If you have a heavier gauge sink, it will withstand abuse and will last a long time. Lighter gauge sinks will last just a short time. It is better to spend more money on your sink and have it last years on end than pay a small amount and have a sink that lasts a few to several months.

Copper gauge is indicated by a number. The lower this number is, the heavier the gauge and the better the quality. So look at the numbers when you order your copper sink. The least you should think about is 16 gauge copper. If you can, get a 14-gauge copper sink. It will last even longer.

Varied styles

Just like their stainless steel counterparts, the copper sinks also come in different styles. There are single bowls, double bowls and triple bowl copper sinks. Of course, your needs and the size of your kitchen determine just how many bowls you choose.

Double and triple bowl sinks are good when you would like to separate your dishes. For example, some fragile utensils such as glass, ceramic and others can be washed in one bowl. If you need more space when cleaning your dishes, the single bowl sink would be better for you.

The installation enhances the beauty of the sink

Drop in design at home

How you install the sink matters quite a lot. Of course, considering just how beautiful this sink is, you want to bring out as much of its beauty as possible. You can install it by the drop-in style is you already had a sink hole cut out. However, if it is a fresh installation, get an apron front sink. This one leaves the entire front portion of the sink exposed, adding to the beauty in your kitchen.

Choose a good finish

Copper sinks are finished in different ways. Some are shiny and some have a brownish shade. Then there is the hammered finish, which hides dents easily. At the same time, some copper sinks have a smooth finish, which, unfortunately, shows dents and damages easily. With the passage of time, you will see that copper changes its color, more like getting a tan. This just enhances its beauty.

Copper sinks have many benefits. They resist bacteria, they do not rust, they are durable and they retain their beauty for a long time.